Mindful writing

I don’t want to put more nonsense out into the world. And I don’t believe that my personal feelings deserve to be “published” as such. Neither am I a devoted opinionator, connected to the latest news and insider scoops. I don’t have the time or desire to troll the web collecting trinkets to share with everyone else — as if I even had the skill of the found-object artist to begin with. But there must be a place for reasonable opinion online. No more thoughtful than dinner party conversation, yet far less ephemeral. Things that one can try to forget by never mentioning again — that awful comment made in conversation — live forever online. If this is true, then my words must carry a shell around them; an understanding how to read based on how they were written. The content of the words is always ultimately a desire to learn. Although the words may be fixed, my mind is not, and I keep moving on even as the wake of letters behind me spreads ever further. What a ridiculous thing to hope that one can protect one’s words with a disavowal on the internet! The true aim of the words, the intention, is ironically even less material than the glowing black dots on my screen. Yet what is the alternative? Should reasonable opinion choose silence over engagement, and leave the new public sphere to whitewater raft over emotions?


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