One way I hope to distinguish this blog in the angry rant-space of the internet is by making myself accountable under a set of general principles to anyone who reads these entries. The point of these principles is that we’re not perfect, and that we need ideals and other people to help become better than ourselves. I do not believe that Truth will descend on the earth some day and end our struggle for the good life forever.

The point of the principles below is to join together the efforts of anyone interested in order to balance our weaknesses and support our strengths. We do this by our commitment to a community pursuing a higher set of goals. Only by the actions, judgments, and thoughts of an open community can we distinguish sense from nonsense. I do not believe there is any better way.


1. Each person is in essence a good person. No one is beyond the pale although it may prove impossible to reach them.

2. Anger, vengeance, ridicule, and similar actions are always counterproductive. They categorically harm more than they help. When you do become angry, the goal is to dissipate it by resolving the underlying problem, not to embrace and revel in the feeling.

3. Always moderate a claim to be proportional to its evidence. Hyperbole or exaggeration earn superficial attention rather than the good of others.


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